Who reads Tales from Couty... and what do they think about them?


The Tales from Couty are designed to be read in various ways... The colour photos of real animals really appeal to young children, so the stories are ideal for toddlers who will enjoy them in their own language. Then, because the languages are side by side, the French words can gradually be dropped in, starting with some numbers, or first phrases, and gradually built up. If you are a confident French speaker, you can then read the story (or part of the story) in French - and because the child is already familiar with it, you'll find they automatically know what is happening in the story, and can copy what you are saying. If your French is a bit rusty, you will soon be able to listen to the story in French with your child... and who knows, maybe you'll learn something too!


Older children can start by reading the story in their own language. Then, when they listen to the story in French (coming soon!), they'll be able to puzzle out what it means in English and have fun repeating different words and phrases. It is absolutely fine to listen and not understand everything! That's the way we begin to hear the rhythm of a different language...


Here are some of the reviews the books received when they were first published in 2014... I'd love to hear from more readers - including some children - so please do send across any reviews or comments via our Get in Touch page!


'Beautifully illustrated .excellent for introducing little people to a new language and experience.'

A four star verified purchase Amazon review


'We have recently moved to France so these books have been great in helping my daughters to learn French in an enjoyable way.They love the colourful photographs and the fun concept of talking animals! The language learning is targeted and they are filled with great, useful, everyday phrases. As a teacher, I also think that the books would make a great classroom resource to encourage independent reading. I thoroughly recommend these books as an original and fun aid to learning French or English.'


class-teacher from Hever Primary School, Kent, described the books as 'friendly, accessible and just the right level for primary with the vocabulary used'. 

And here's some feedback from the children too:
'These books are great and challenging'
'I could use the pictures to help understand the French words'
'Informative and great for learning for French' 
'I really like the setting of the animals on the farm'
January, 2015