If you have got any of the Tales from Couty, you will have seen that there is a Quiz Page at the back of each story, to help you find out what you know...


Here are the answers, so you can check whether you were right!

Combien de...


a. chats y a-t-il?           2

b. poussins y a-t-il?     1

c. canards y a-t-il?       

d. oiseaux y a-t-il?       3


How do you say 'Goodbye in French?'


2. Au revoir


Choose the right colour:

1. sky         c. bleu

2. grass     a. verte

3. roof        e. orange

4. flower     b. jaune

5. toy          d. violet


A yellow flower is 'une fleur jaune' so a red flower is...

c. une fleur rouge


The word for 'tummy' in French is...  b. ventre.     

Can you find...?


a. les saucisses   3

b. le lait                5

c. le fromage        4


How do you say 'breakfast' in French? 

b. petit déjeuner


How do you say I'm Hungry' in French?  2. j'ai faim

What are the two weekend days?


1. dimanche    4. samedi


In the story, who likes eating eggs?


b. les cochons


How do you say 'see you tomorrow' in French?

a. A demain

Which is the right answer?

Le bouc est... a. sur la table


Find two ways of saying 'hello' in French:

a. bonjour

c. coucou


How do you say... 'I'm thirsty' in French?

2. J'ai soif

Who likes playing?


c, Le chien et les cochons


Who isn't sleepy?


a. le chat


How do you say... 'Okay' in French?


c. d'accord


Did you get them right? Well done!  (And in French... 'bravo!')